Should Kavanaugh be confirmed to the Supreme Court?

No Why everyone should opposes Kavanaugh’s confirmation  Kavanaugh is no threat to established precedent Get ready for the nightmare scenario of Trump, Mueller, Kavanaugh Yes I’m a liberal feminist and I support Kavanaugh’s confirmation Kavanaugh could help restore the power of Congress  Claims that Kavanaugh will destroy Obamacare are ridiculous

Should internet giants ban Infowars (and similar companies/individuals)?

Background Apple banned Infowars, and then the dominoes started to fall Apple, Facebook’s and YouTube’s ban on Alex Jones Right ramps up battle with Facebook General Alex Jones got no-platformed Leave the capital gains tax alone    To untangle relations, Trump must note history      Democrats seize on cherry picked claim that that Medicare for all would save $2 trillion   Trump trade war masks a deeper challenge from China 2 percent defense spending for NATO is a flawed idea US does not bear 70% of  the burden  


Should the capital gains tax be reduced?

Background Capital gains tax breaks on capital gains issues Yes Washington needs to end the hidden inflation in the capital gains tax  The Tax Act’s unfinished business  The new tax cut plan would boost small business It’s time to look at the taxation of capital gains The capital gains tax should be reduced, not increased  Entrepeneurship, capital gains, and taxation  No Leaving the capital gains tax alone? Congress should not give a capital gains tax cut to the rich Cut would be a huge windfall for the 1%  Capital Gains should be indexed to Inflation Capital gains should be indexed to inflation  


Should 3-D Guns Sales Be Permitted?

Background The battle for 3d printed guns  The 3D gun controversy: Everything you need to know  All your questions about 3D guns answered Meet the crypto anarchist behind 3D guns The 3D gun fight is about free speech No Counterterrorism chief calls threat posed by 3D guns truly unbelievable Yes Panic over 3D guns misdirected 3D printed guns won’t destroy society Downloadable guns and other 3D printing threats  To B filed The case for a single payer explained in 3 charts Slow sabotage of Obamacare may hurt America’s breastfeeding rate Medicare for all won’t lower health care costs 5 pieces of evidence that Trump’s tarrifs are not working    


Should Trump Have Ended DACA?

Background The details of the decision to end DACA and what it means in practice. No Hitting the economy where it hurts Trump just turned DACA into a ticking time bomb  DACA is a crusade to help children Trump’s DACA decision could cost thousands of jobs  Ending DACA would be the President’s most evil act CEOs come out in support of DACA Why ending DACA is unprecedented  The case for keeping DACA  Economists warn deporting DACA recipients could hurt the economy  Politics Democrats must compromise  DACA decision shifts to Congress, but action is tough  Dreamers face long odds in Congress 


Speaking and Debating About Tax Cuts

Trump ran on a platform of tax cuts and was recorded at a private dinner telling the people there that he would lower their taxes. In the US, the percentage of tax the government collects is always a big issue for a couple of reasons — (a) Size of government. Large tax revenues enable the government to provide more social programs, such as Medicare, Social Security, Health care, and many other social services. Liberals support a large government role in such programs. Conservatives view such programs as ineffective, as discouraging work, and as (essentially) taking money from Peter to give to Paul. (b) Economic growth. Conservatives think such programs take money way from companies and individuals who would otherwise spend the money in the economy, including purchasing more goods, hiring more workers, and making general investments. Liberals doubt the relationship between lower taxes and growth, arguing that any growth that does happen leads to the wealthy pocketing the gains. They also think that social spending can stimulate the economy. Although Trump and the Republicans do not yet have a tax cut proposal prepared, there are a number of different elements of a proposal that you should be prepared to speak and debate about. Corporate tax cuts. The US corporate tax rate (35%) is the highest in the world. Trump has been pushing to lower the rate to 15%. Republicans in general want to make it 20%. Conservatives argue this tax cut will stimulate the economy and investment. Liberals argue 35% tax rate is needed to fund social programs. Middle class tax cuts. Although middle class tax rates are not especially high, middle class Americans would obviously like them lowered, though they benefit from many of the social programs that are funded by higher rates. Basically, advocates of tax reform claim it will stimulate the economy – Jamie Dimon is the CEO and chairman of JPMorgan Chase & Co. and the chairman of the Business Roundtable, 8-30-17, USA Today, Reforming the tax code is the single most important thing that Congress could do to jump-start our economy, create jobs, and raise wages for American workers. Our current code is uncompetitive, overly complex and loaded with special interest provisions that unfairly create winners and losers. This drives down capital investment, reduces productivity and causes wages to remain stagnant. Individuals and businesses continue to waste billions of dollars and millions of hours each year trying to figure out their tax bills — instead of spending more time with their families, or thinking about how to innovate and expand. Our corporate tax rate is the highest in the developed world. It has led to more American businesses being acquired by foreigners or struggling to keep pace with their foreign competitors. This means headquarter jobs are going to overseas cities instead of American cities. Our uncompetitive system has trapped more than $2.5 trillion overseas because American companies are penalized for bringing profits back by our high U.S. corporate tax rate, boosting other countries at


Should hate speech be illegal?

Related Millennial Content Essay — Hate speech on campus Annotated bibliography on hate speech No The trouble with making hate speech illegal To fight bigotry and hate, don’t muzzle it  Hate speech is not the same thing as violence  Hate speech laws often utilized against minorities  The far right is losing its ability to speak freely online. Should the left defend it?