Speaking and Debating About Tax Cuts

Trump ran on a platform of tax cuts and was recorded at a private dinner telling the people there that he would lower their taxes. In the US, the percentage of tax the government collects is always a big issue for a couple of reasons — (a) Size of government. Large tax revenues enable the government to provide more social programs, such as Medicare, Social Security, Health care, and many


A Debater’s Guide: The ALT-Right, Richard Spencer, The National Policy Institute, Steve Bannon, Breitbart, and the future of the Trump Administration

Introduction You likely heard of the entities and individuals in the subject of this post possibly before the election but certainly after the election. In this post, I want to provide as much clarification as possible regarding these individuals and groups, what they mean for modern day politics, including the politics disadvantages, and care that you will need to take when conducting research. I do have considerably strong opinions regarding